Lessons From an Attack on My Homelab

While I was doing some regular maintaince on my minecraft server, I stumbled on a massive log of failed connections via ssh. I closed the port while I did some digging only to find that for the past month, my server was getting blasted 24⁄7 by a botnet. What follows in an analyis of the logs I collected and the lessons I learned about securing a homelab. Attack Post Mortem Thankfully, due to my already security focused outlook, all my homelabs vms where in a secure state.

HackTheBox - Getting an Invite

I recently stumbled on the snowscan.io blog and was absolutely blown away with the writeups. The exploits used varied so widely in attack vectors and ingenuity I became engrossed in the hakethebox community. After reading several blogs from the community’s top-ranked ‘players’, I decided to give it a go myself. Casing the Joint Upon loading https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite I was elated to see a message every tinkerer dreams of. Feel free to hack your way in :)